Thursday, November 7, 2013

Full Beaver Moon waxing

The never ending saga of my re-release continues. My editor contacted me at end of September and promised to begin work on my revised release of "the Long Hour Before Light" by October 27. Ha ha! No word from her and no reply to my emails. Well, you've heard this story before, I've only been waiting since February. Anyway, to better thoughts and episodes. I started another story but I think it is fizzling out. I was toying with another Incubus, started an elaborate beginning but came to see it wasn't quite right. Maybe I'll revisit this later when I have some fresh thoughts. Also, I have four good stories started and can't seem to grind out their completion. I really don't need another distraction. I need to pick one and get to work. That's a mental process in of itself I suppose. Wish me luck.

until again

Monday, October 14, 2013

Full Hunter's Moon waxing

Well, good news at last. Worked out the snafus regarding my contract, signed off on new one and I now have a revision of “The Long Hour Before Light” in the works. My editor, Kim W has been in touch and we will begin work on the new edition this week. From my end I will place this in the fast track, still fantasizing that I might have it released before Halloween. Everything else is on the back burner. I will keep this post up to date with progress notes.

Ciao, for now.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Harvest Moon waning

Getting ready for a trip to Chicago for business. The contract is still in the wind although both my Publisher and Editor contacted me last week. Promised a final contract by Friday- Nothing came; Oh well

I suppose it will happen when it happens. I am now game-hardened so it no longer bothers me and waiting seems just to be the currency of these negotiations. I've been doing it (waiting) since April.

To better subjects. Fall is coming and it is typically amazing in NE Ohio. The leaves will change soon and with that, autumn weather. Crisp mornings, warm afternoons and that Cobalt Blue sky only seen in October. I'm a little off my game, behind in writing but I hope the season (Halloween) will inspire me.

Until next.
My best

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Full Corn Moon

Also called Full Sturgeon Moon and Full Moon of the Green Corn.

Full moon and strange weather. It’s actually looking like summer now that summer is almost over. Very strange, but at least it's warm. I’ve worked out my contract issues except for one thing. I still don’t have a contract! We’ve worked on one draft but I am in limbo once again with no word about the final version now going on two weeks. Who knows? Writers spend a lot of time waiting. I started another project too. It’s a photo book on old churches and town halls in Ohio. I can see your faces with this but if it turns out as my mind pictures it the images will be impressive and the stories behind them at least interesting. I’ll keep you posted with the book deal. I hope the final draft comes this week. Ciao.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

writing a little between Moons

As summer is slowly winding down here I have slowed my day-job pace to three days a week. I don't necessarily write on the off-days but the calm has allowed me to write much more at night, visiting my latest novella-in-progress at least 4 nights a week. But progress remains slow. I have the general idea on the start (already done) and the destination. I don't yet know the roads to travel to get there (no MapQuest or GPS for writers, thank God). But, after all, the journey is the joy (and agony too) so I plod on.

The short story collection re-issue is another matter. It is languishing in Limbo as my new publisher seems uninterested in getting that promised (April!) contract out to me. I've done my part, striking two stories that she didn't like, and re-writing four more to fit into the pub-house guidelines. But I wait. The general editor stays somewhat in touch and assures me that we can get it out by Sept some time. But that contract is still ethereal for now.

Off today, doing work around the house (promise to write tonight) and car maintenance.  Until the Full Sturgeon Moon, adieu.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Buck Moon July 22

Greetings again. Well, it’s raining AGAIN in NE Ohio after what we all thought was the long awaited commencement of summer. Not to be. After a soggy May and almost three weeks of rain in June, then two weeks of hot weather starting @ July 4, we bottomed out again and its rain, rain, rain. One thing good about rain is I spend more time at the PC and, by default, have been writing a lot more than usual. On vacation in the mountains of PA and MD last week and put a dent in what’s needed to finish my demon novella. Regarding my short story collection, I seem to have fallen off the radar of my publisher and editor. I haven’t been able to get any response for three weeks. Maybe they decided to bag my re-release project. If that’s so I guess I have to seek another pub house, not a prospect I look forward to. I need all the time I have to finish some of the ‘started-but-now-languishing’ tales I have on my “TO-DO” list. 

Better go. 
Enjoy the Full Moon if you are in a land where can see it, not one where the clouds are perpetual, like Ohio.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


I know, it’s been a month but I've been swamped at the day job tying up loose ends so I can get time off in the summer. It was a good choice because so far the weather here in NE Ohio has been sketchy. Maybe three hot, sunny days. The rest, a wild mix of rain, clouds, sun and cool temps. And I worked like crazy to rewrite three stories in my horror collection. With that, we did get beyond the impasse with the horror collection reissue and I am waiting for a contract. I hope to get the new edition, now with two original tales removed and one new one added, out by September to hit stride with Halloween times. I’ll post things as they unfold. Thanks and think SUMMER. It’s finally here!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Reworking Long Hour

Full Strawberry Moon: Wow, two months since last post. Well I've been slacking off on blogs but otherwise have been busy. Still negotiating final contract for The Long Hour Before Light re-work. I'll have to pull two stories from the original publication and am rewriting four that were singled out as being OK with some substantial editing. Plus I am trying to complete at least one short to replace the lost two. Once I have a contract and get a feel for the new editors I'll have a handle on projected release date. I always like late summer so it's ramped up by Halloween.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

black hole of winter

Man, I think we fell into a black hole of winter weather, and we can't get out. It's first day of Spring and I almost froze pumping gas this morning- 19 degrees!!!. Now it's snowing like crazy and the forecast is same, same, same for days. My maple sap is frozen solid in the plastic jugs and I'm out of wood for the stove. Next week is Holy Week and I hope we finally get something of a break.I guess we're paying back the installments on the hot weather we enjoyed last March- four days in the eighties.

I have a major decision to make and soon. My publisher of the short collection has pulled my book due to some "adult" situations. I have been offered the option to re-write some of the stories, remove some, and essentially get it back to a PG-13 rating,or to have rights reverted back to me and try to sell it elsewhere. This a tough one. I really don't have time to re-write, even with the generous help of their editors. But I also don't relish throwing my lot back into the query game for a book that I already did that groundwork lesson on. I have a few weeks to decide so I'm milking it for now.

Until next post (think summer temps!), my best


Thursday, March 14, 2013

New moon

Once again swamped with no time for writing, or is that a over-used excuse? Anyway, I have been working out a lot since my doctor told me I was heading into troubled waters with blood pressure, a little too much belly and some poorer that expected blood work. So I bike (inside and out), lift and pound the bag.

My work schedule is likewise astronomical but I better not complain about that. I know too many here on NE Ohio who are out of work. I am blessed with a good job and, notwithstanding the doom predicted by my MD, good health (I wake up alive each day).

Stories: I've pulled back on the novel but found a path for a novella I started four years ago but couldn't progress. Werewolf with a twist. And I worked out a pathway for another short that started with a murder-in-progress.I think I'll work on these for a while. Who knows, maybe I'll finish something.

Calamity with my publisher also. I'll update you with that tale next post.

Keep your eye on Orion. He'll be leaving us soon

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Looking back

Full Snow Moon waning

It’s still cold and surprisingly, it’s snowing hard. But even though it’s very cold, 26 degrees, it’s a soft snow with big flakes and no wind. It feels like this could be winter’s last gasp. For one thing the daylight is lingering on well past 6:30. That helps a lot. I think I hate the darkness of northern latitude winters more than the cold.  Oh, I’m sure there will be some more snow and the archetypal Ohio Spring comprised of Rain, Fog, and Temps in the 40’s. But, I welcome it after this hard winter so far.

I was reading some of my earlier posts from years back and I often mentioned my wolf, Yukon. With sadness I have to tell you that we lost him this fall. A month later we lost Kato, our Husky. Yukon was thirteen so he lived a long life. Kato was eleven. We got Yukon as a pup from a farm in New Alexandria PA. He was hiding in a cave-like lair and from that day on he always preferred holes. He burrowed under his dog house and laid there instead of inside. Kato was rescued from a pet store where he was sickly and underfed. When Diane bought him, Yukon had been gone seven days having run off with a pack of feral dogs. We’d given up on him. Then, like a miracle, Diane saw him running on a ridge-top while she was driving Kato home from the pet store. He came running when she called. Kato followed Yukon everywhere. After Yukon died, Kato wandered around the house looking for him and, when he came down with an infection, I think he just gave up. He died one month after Yukon. I still miss them, especially on winter nights when the moon is full and Orion is glistening in the southwestern sky. I’d stand outside with them and marvel at God’s cosmic artwork, give them a bowl of evaporated milk mixed w/ water.
I’m making myself sad again so I’ll end this. Until next post.
My best