Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Man, it's been a long time. New Moon, February in Grayton Beach, Florida

Yes life is complicated and things just fall by the wayside. I haven't even logged onto this blog in three years!!!

I can't promise that I'll get this back together real soon but it's on the agenda. I have some profound changes upcoming. Most of it has to do with some bad business luck that I want to put a positive spin on. Hey, lost work means more time. Time to write, time to attend to this blog.

Up to speed, at least a bit. We're in Grayton Beach Florida. I have work here so we stay for three weeks in an absolutely beautiful Florida house in the Preserve. Seaside village dark and peaceful. But only ten miles to Destin and the hustle of the resorts. The stars are unreal at night and the weather has been great. It's warm in Ohio as well so I don't have to wrestle with guilt about leaving my kids up north. They're in college anyway. This is kind of our annual vacation anyway.

I'll be back in summer (that's when I'll have all kinds of time) to chronicle the moons once more.

Be well