Thursday, November 7, 2013

Full Beaver Moon waxing

The never ending saga of my re-release continues. My editor contacted me at end of September and promised to begin work on my revised release of "the Long Hour Before Light" by October 27. Ha ha! No word from her and no reply to my emails. Well, you've heard this story before, I've only been waiting since February. Anyway, to better thoughts and episodes. I started another story but I think it is fizzling out. I was toying with another Incubus, started an elaborate beginning but came to see it wasn't quite right. Maybe I'll revisit this later when I have some fresh thoughts. Also, I have four good stories started and can't seem to grind out their completion. I really don't need another distraction. I need to pick one and get to work. That's a mental process in of itself I suppose. Wish me luck.

until again