Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Full Snow Moon raining

Well I weathered another trip to the doctor. I'm not in perfect shape (like I didn't know that) but he couldn't find any fatal ailments. When you get to be of my vintage these ordeals become more and more dreadful. You just know that one day, one visit, they'll find that short,lit fuse, drop the bomb so to speak. Not this time anyway. I've got some things wrong, a few parts wearing down, but I'm not planning the wake just yet. So I celebrated by lifting weights and pounding the bag for an hour. Now that almost did it, almost had me calling for the pall bearers.

Ah the weather! It's raining to beat the band and cold as hell-33 degrees. So the second day of Full Snow Moon has it completely hidden by ground-hugging clouds, rain and mist.The forecast is for dropping temps, more snow/rain/snow. But I think we're close to turning the corner on this winter. The Ground Hog said it would all end soon.

I haven't caught up to my goal pace (1 page/day) but I working on it. I have the story getting a foundation, my characters slowly being pulled farther down the dark road to ruin. I'll keep everyone posted on how things progress.

Hey, stay warm, take care, 'til next.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Praying for Spring

Full Snow Moon waxing (Feb 25). 
Swamped at work this week, got no writing done. I will hit the books tomorrow. I'll try to catch up and follow the Richard Rhodes motto “a page a day equals a book a year”
The weather is teasing us with signs of spring, then bouts of frigid blasts. Alas, that’s the nature of February in Ohio. I’m praying that the ground hog is correct this year and we get that early spring. I think it’s getting close because I tapped four maple trees (scaling down from previous years when I tapped 12) and got some flow. Also, I saw about a hundred buckets hanging around the township. I plan on boiling down about 20 gallons to get four pint jars of syrup. That will last me the year since everyone else in the house uses Log Cabin! I might do an extra pint to trade with my cousin Vinnie for a quart of his excellent, homemade wine. Until next post, take care.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Some writing news

New Moon Feb 10
Hi all,
slowly getting this thing up and running. One important item that I want to share. I have begun writing; I picked up on a previously started novel/novella that I am, at least for now, calling EVIL. Feels good to write again, the excitement that I had all but forgotten these past four years since I laid down the pen. What I have decided is that I need to partition my job and my writing so that I allot time for the latter. That had always been my practice (when I was writing) and my goal. But that eventually fell apart, and languished for these past years. My job is somewhat demanding and I complicated the matter by breaking away from my partner and starting a new company. Wow! I never knew how much work was required to do the business end of a company, not to mention doing all the physics services it handles. Now that I have kick-started the engine, if I can keep it puttering, I have plans to finish EVIL and then revisit three other novels I had started, and dropped, years ago. I'll keep you posted with progress.

Next moon Feb 25 (Full Snow)
For now, adieu.