Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Full Snow Moon raining

Well I weathered another trip to the doctor. I'm not in perfect shape (like I didn't know that) but he couldn't find any fatal ailments. When you get to be of my vintage these ordeals become more and more dreadful. You just know that one day, one visit, they'll find that short,lit fuse, drop the bomb so to speak. Not this time anyway. I've got some things wrong, a few parts wearing down, but I'm not planning the wake just yet. So I celebrated by lifting weights and pounding the bag for an hour. Now that almost did it, almost had me calling for the pall bearers.

Ah the weather! It's raining to beat the band and cold as hell-33 degrees. So the second day of Full Snow Moon has it completely hidden by ground-hugging clouds, rain and mist.The forecast is for dropping temps, more snow/rain/snow. But I think we're close to turning the corner on this winter. The Ground Hog said it would all end soon.

I haven't caught up to my goal pace (1 page/day) but I working on it. I have the story getting a foundation, my characters slowly being pulled farther down the dark road to ruin. I'll keep everyone posted on how things progress.

Hey, stay warm, take care, 'til next.

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