Sunday, March 3, 2013

Looking back

Full Snow Moon waning

It’s still cold and surprisingly, it’s snowing hard. But even though it’s very cold, 26 degrees, it’s a soft snow with big flakes and no wind. It feels like this could be winter’s last gasp. For one thing the daylight is lingering on well past 6:30. That helps a lot. I think I hate the darkness of northern latitude winters more than the cold.  Oh, I’m sure there will be some more snow and the archetypal Ohio Spring comprised of Rain, Fog, and Temps in the 40’s. But, I welcome it after this hard winter so far.

I was reading some of my earlier posts from years back and I often mentioned my wolf, Yukon. With sadness I have to tell you that we lost him this fall. A month later we lost Kato, our Husky. Yukon was thirteen so he lived a long life. Kato was eleven. We got Yukon as a pup from a farm in New Alexandria PA. He was hiding in a cave-like lair and from that day on he always preferred holes. He burrowed under his dog house and laid there instead of inside. Kato was rescued from a pet store where he was sickly and underfed. When Diane bought him, Yukon had been gone seven days having run off with a pack of feral dogs. We’d given up on him. Then, like a miracle, Diane saw him running on a ridge-top while she was driving Kato home from the pet store. He came running when she called. Kato followed Yukon everywhere. After Yukon died, Kato wandered around the house looking for him and, when he came down with an infection, I think he just gave up. He died one month after Yukon. I still miss them, especially on winter nights when the moon is full and Orion is glistening in the southwestern sky. I’d stand outside with them and marvel at God’s cosmic artwork, give them a bowl of evaporated milk mixed w/ water.
I’m making myself sad again so I’ll end this. Until next post.
My best

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