Thursday, March 14, 2013

New moon

Once again swamped with no time for writing, or is that a over-used excuse? Anyway, I have been working out a lot since my doctor told me I was heading into troubled waters with blood pressure, a little too much belly and some poorer that expected blood work. So I bike (inside and out), lift and pound the bag.

My work schedule is likewise astronomical but I better not complain about that. I know too many here on NE Ohio who are out of work. I am blessed with a good job and, notwithstanding the doom predicted by my MD, good health (I wake up alive each day).

Stories: I've pulled back on the novel but found a path for a novella I started four years ago but couldn't progress. Werewolf with a twist. And I worked out a pathway for another short that started with a murder-in-progress.I think I'll work on these for a while. Who knows, maybe I'll finish something.

Calamity with my publisher also. I'll update you with that tale next post.

Keep your eye on Orion. He'll be leaving us soon

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