Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Full Beaver Moon waxing.
   Another hiatus and another Halloween behind me. Temps are down in NE Ohio and it's likely they'll stay that way.

   I've entered a contest with Inkshares with the revised and revisited Beckoned, now titled the Demon of the Shadows. The rules require that the writer foster a following of pledged (to purchase) readers with the top one or two given a full contract. It's ingenious because the writer does the leg work. The publisher has little risk because they enter the agreement with pledged sales. I haven't devoted much time to promotion other than a lot of fliers. The result- no sales or pledges. Oh well.
    I'm also seeking traditional publisher acceptance with one or two houses currently accepting manuscripts that are reprints. I really want to get this knocked out so I can spend time writing. I chopped off the legs of Sari Sari and have a new approach. Same beginning but reworked characters. That needs my attention so I hope I get some action on The Demon soon.
   I'm technically (forced) semi-retired. It's amazing that I don't have infinitely more time now, time for the writing projects. But I have also taken on some community projects that eat it up. One is participation is several drug prevention and treatment committees. Like everywhere in the US, we have a horrendous drug problem in Ohio. Small steps of change take up a lot of time and effort. I also make walking sticks that are donated to several church fairs and sales. The money goes to emergency assistance (food, rent, electric bills) in our community.
   I'm off the rest ofthe week so I'm working on a submission for the Demon.
wish me luck (to be sure, I need it)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Man, it's been a long time. New Moon, February in Grayton Beach, Florida

Yes life is complicated and things just fall by the wayside. I haven't even logged onto this blog in three years!!!

I can't promise that I'll get this back together real soon but it's on the agenda. I have some profound changes upcoming. Most of it has to do with some bad business luck that I want to put a positive spin on. Hey, lost work means more time. Time to write, time to attend to this blog.

Up to speed, at least a bit. We're in Grayton Beach Florida. I have work here so we stay for three weeks in an absolutely beautiful Florida house in the Preserve. Seaside village dark and peaceful. But only ten miles to Destin and the hustle of the resorts. The stars are unreal at night and the weather has been great. It's warm in Ohio as well so I don't have to wrestle with guilt about leaving my kids up north. They're in college anyway. This is kind of our annual vacation anyway.

I'll be back in summer (that's when I'll have all kinds of time) to chronicle the moons once more.

Be well