Thursday, March 21, 2013

black hole of winter

Man, I think we fell into a black hole of winter weather, and we can't get out. It's first day of Spring and I almost froze pumping gas this morning- 19 degrees!!!. Now it's snowing like crazy and the forecast is same, same, same for days. My maple sap is frozen solid in the plastic jugs and I'm out of wood for the stove. Next week is Holy Week and I hope we finally get something of a break.I guess we're paying back the installments on the hot weather we enjoyed last March- four days in the eighties.

I have a major decision to make and soon. My publisher of the short collection has pulled my book due to some "adult" situations. I have been offered the option to re-write some of the stories, remove some, and essentially get it back to a PG-13 rating,or to have rights reverted back to me and try to sell it elsewhere. This a tough one. I really don't have time to re-write, even with the generous help of their editors. But I also don't relish throwing my lot back into the query game for a book that I already did that groundwork lesson on. I have a few weeks to decide so I'm milking it for now.

Until next post (think summer temps!), my best


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