Wednesday, August 7, 2013

writing a little between Moons

As summer is slowly winding down here I have slowed my day-job pace to three days a week. I don't necessarily write on the off-days but the calm has allowed me to write much more at night, visiting my latest novella-in-progress at least 4 nights a week. But progress remains slow. I have the general idea on the start (already done) and the destination. I don't yet know the roads to travel to get there (no MapQuest or GPS for writers, thank God). But, after all, the journey is the joy (and agony too) so I plod on.

The short story collection re-issue is another matter. It is languishing in Limbo as my new publisher seems uninterested in getting that promised (April!) contract out to me. I've done my part, striking two stories that she didn't like, and re-writing four more to fit into the pub-house guidelines. But I wait. The general editor stays somewhat in touch and assures me that we can get it out by Sept some time. But that contract is still ethereal for now.

Off today, doing work around the house (promise to write tonight) and car maintenance.  Until the Full Sturgeon Moon, adieu.

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