Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Waxing to Full Beaver Moon (Nov 2)

The nights are cold but generally clear so the moonrise was spectacular. Watched the annual Wiccan/Halloween festival across the road on Saturday Night. I dared not invade their ceremonies but I did watch from afar as screams and howls filled the air from the deep woods to my north and many came and went throughout the night. On Sunday I walked Yukon and Kato past the home and saw but the slightest remnants of the festival (carved pumpkins, corn dollies posed in straw scenes, and more than a few empty 12-pack boxes. Bet they had a blast. Halloween is forecast to be cold and overcast, but dry and the near full moon to rise in mid-evening. I’m renting a collection of horror flicks to fill the weekend (and a 12-pack or two). Stoke the fireplace, turn out the lights, crack a beer and watch Saw I, II, III, and IV. Yikes! I love Halloween!

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